How to Setup Your First Livestream on Teradek Wave

How to Setup Your First Livestream on Teradek Wave

November 22, 2022 0 By Nicki Sun

If you’re curious about all the different encoders on the market, come check out the Teradek Wave with me in my latest YouTube video!

In this video, we’ll share why you’d need this product and how to setup the Teradek Wave so you can start livestreaming your events right away!

Firstly, thank you to the Teradek team for sponsoring this video and loaning me the Teradek Wave to test out when I go Live on Amazon (Tuesdays at 7pm PST), specifically. As an Amazon Influencer who utilizes a mirrorless camera and external audio with my streams, and would like to take my livestream on-the-go every now and then, there were a couple of features which stood out to me when testing out the Teradek Wave.

Features to Love

Custom Bitrate

As Amazon only allows you to stream at a max 720p video resolution and 2.8 Mbps, Teradek made it simple by allowing users to input CUSTOM bitrates. I’m always trying to max out my livestream settings. It was nice that that I didn’t have to sacrifice that .8 Mbps as most encoders give you a preset setting in intervals of 1 Mbps.

Hot Swappable Battery Power

I love knowing there were multiple ways to power the Teradek Wave, but most impressed with their hot swappable battery feature. Not only are you able to plug directly into a power source via USB-C input, but you are also able to supply your stream with portable power this way. This ensures your stream never goes down, especially if you’re planning on doing a livestream marathon. Or if you are attaching the Teradek Wave to your camera, you can be wired-free!

Fast Start

Sometimes, my stream doesn’t want to cooperate on Amazon Live. In past cases, I’ve had to re-create an “Event” in order to get back up and running again. This takes TIME! Especially if you were just LIVE, and the stream goes down, you have a few minutes, if not seconds, to get back online before your audience leaves. That’s what I LOVED about the Teradek Wave! I was able to hop back online with just one button: Start!

On-Screen Audio Meter

For whatever reason, encoders haven’t focused on audio being at the forefront when it comes to livestreams. The area to adjust the audio levels on other encoders have been hidden. But audio is super important! If you’re peaking and want a way to adjust your input immediately, you can do so with the Teradek Wave. Here, you can monitor your audio levels front and center, and you’re able adjust accordingly in live time.

There are so many features to love about the Teradek Wave, but these were unique features that I LOVE and have yet to discover on other encoders when it comes specifically to Livestreaming. If you’re interested in going live for your next event, or need more information, check out the Teradek Wave here.

My Amazon Live Setup:

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