MOZA Announces Slypod, 2-in-1 Motorized Slider & Monopod

MOZA Announces Slypod, 2-in-1 Motorized Slider & Monopod

May 2, 2019 0 By Nicki Sun

Continuing with my cool finds at NAB Show 2019, Gudsen MOZA announced their Slypod, the world’s first 2-in-1 motorized slider & monopod!

Thanks to Kevin Kunze for the interview!

– Vertical or horizontal motorized use
– Monopod
– Attaches to tripod
– Compatible with other gimbals
– Seamless MOZA ecosystem
– Portable, light (unit weighs less than 2 lbs)
– Supports vertical payload of up to 40 pounds
– Supports horizontal payload of up to 30 pounds
– Remote control via MOZA app and handunit controls telescopic length, sliding speed, and programmable motion time-lapse

Prior to conducting this interview, the MOZA Slypod was rumored to be around $700-800. However, the site just updated with a new price point of $499! Definitely one of the more affordable sliders (and hybrid, if I may add) on the market. Set to come out in 2-3 months, you can pre-order your MOZA Slypod now here.