Puget Systems Sent Me a Custom PC for 4K Video Editing!

Puget Systems Sent Me a Custom PC for 4K Video Editing!

November 18, 2021 0 By Nicki Sun

Wow! Thank you to the amazing folks at Puget Systems for hooking me up with my very first, Custom PC for 4K video editing! Part of my mission in being so immersed in the tech world now, is to truly be able to cover technology that is inclusive and accessible. It’s hard to think of these terms when I’ve been a Mac user for the majority of my life, so I am grateful for the opportunity to now involve PC-related software and hardware into my realm of reference.

The experience and people at Puget Systems, alone, were so top notch, I just had to fly to their headquarters in Seattle to interview President and Founder Jon Bach. And while I was there, I was lucky enough to get a tour of their facilities, while taking you all with me in getting a firsthand look of how Puget Systems PCs are built.

President and Founder Jon Bach shares how he’s been able to build Puget Systems from his very first sold computer, twenty years ago.
Warehouse tour is included!

I decided to actually take my new PC for a spin and dedicated myself to learning a brand new NLE (non-linear editing) program (VEGAS Pro 19) while also editing this video ON my PC. So meta…

Check out the FULL video on YouTube!


I truly appreciated the time President Jon Bach took to really deep dive into how he started Puget Systems 20 years ago, building his first computer out of his parent’s basement (which you can see in the video as well) to really undergoing a huge shift during the Pandemic, which he admits was unexpected.

“If you’re helping people, the success will follow”

Jon Bach

Interviewing Founder & President of Puget Systems, Jon Bach, at their headquarters in Seattle, WA

There were so many golden rules and guiding principles Jon shared in how Puget Systems has been able to grow and build over the years.

I really hope you do take the time to watch the entire interview. It is definitely one of my favorites!

To check out my exact configuration, click here.